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PacBrake C40101 PXRB Exh Brake for Cummins 8.3L w/FMC


$993.09 USD


Pacbrake C40101 PRXB Exhaust Brake for Cummins C8.3L w/FMC

***Will need Cummins 3916588 HD valve springs if you don’t already have them installed…sold separately

Please check with Pacbrake on your application to verify.

Product Specifications

  • Flange: 4″ Full Marmon Flange 

    PRXB: Pressure Regulated Exhaust Brake

  • Warranty: 2 Years Unlimited Mileage
  • Must Register within 30 Days of Purchase for warranty

Product Features

  • Boosts Braking Horsepower
  • Greatly Reduces Speed
  • Saves Stress on Brake Pads
  • Lowers Stopping Distance
  • Uses Constant Exhaust Pressure
  • Fully Utilizes Exhaust Backpressure

Product Notes

  • This Part is the Brake Only; Also Requires a Mounting Group and a Control Group : Call PacBrake at 800-663-0096 and ask for complete part #’s for your application. If your application requires a part that Dieseltuff doesn’t show on the site, please email with part # and we will get you a price asap.
  • May Require Heavy Duty Valve Springs
  • Includes
    • (1) PRXB Exhaust Brake

Options: Sold Seprately

Front Clamp attaches to turbo C10310 (x1)

Rear Clamp attaches to exhaust C11350 (x1)

Vehicle Application

– Cummins C8.3L with 4″ Full Marmon Flange



Pacbrake C40101 PRXB Exhaust Brake


The Pacbrake C40101 PRXB Exhaust Brake saves the service brake pads wear and tear by providing heavy supplemental braking power. The exhaust brake uses constant pressure once it hits 1200 RPM and completely utilizes exhaust backpressure. The exhaust brake provides better braking horsepower, a greater reduction in speed, and lowers the stopping distance for the vehicle.