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Cummins 3916691 / C14010 HD Valve Spring set of Twelve (12)

12 HD valve spring set


$140.00 USD


Cummins 3916691 HD Valve Springs

Also known as 60lb over stock HD Valve Springs or 60# over HD Valve Springs

Sold per set of twelve  (12).

For installing on intake and exhaust valves

These heavy duty exhaust valve springs are required if you plan on running any exhaust brake or higher than stock rpm and or higher boost. Completely safe spring pressures, even for stock running components.

The seat pressure on these springs is ~150 lbs at the installed height

Cam nose pressure at 1.4″ is 145 lbs

If you have a mechanical 4bt or 6bt and are going to install an exhaust brake or turn higher than normal rpm or run higher boost than stock, you don’t have strong enough valve springs to effectively hold the valves close.

If you plan on running over 40lbs of boost or turning over 3700rpm, then you should consider a stronger set of valve springs then this set.

Don’t be fooled by people selling cheap springs out there. A broken spring can take out an engine………..