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Terms & Conditions

Don’t worry, it’s really not that hard to understand, as we lay it out in easy layman’s terms. All prices on site are in USD $. We can manually invoice in CDN $ for CDN customers, at the days exchange rate, if you are willing to pay by CDN e-transfer only. Please contact us and ask if your interested.

It is the buyers responsibility to ensure their correct verified billing address is stored in PayPal’s system, as DieselTuff states here and on your purchase confirmation, as well as your shipping confirmation, we only ship to the verified billing address stored with PayPal. No exceptions. Shipping address is ignored and DieselTuff will not be responsible for purchases and shipping with wrong address stored in PayPal’s system. Again, this is your responsibility to ensure you have the right billing address with PayPal. This is the only way DieselTuff can avoid fraud. Hope you understand.

Please do your homework before buying anything & do not buy, unless you are certain the part(s) or service(s) fit your application & your sure you want it. Picture(s) on DieselTuff are for simple reference only & may be different in actual, specially pictures of product installed, as sometimes parts must be modified to fit certain applications. It’s up to you to research actual part & what you may have to modify to have product fit your application. Any suggestions by DieselTuff for your application is just that, a suggestion. If parts don’t fit your application, this is on you, no matter what & your ultimately responsible for purchasing. We don’t do free exchanges or returns. It costs money to ship product & even when customer pays for some shipping, this is usually only a portion of actual cost. As well as any cancellations by customer prior to shipping, DieselTuff may deduct 4% from the refund. If ship tracking has been sent to you the customer, product is deemed shipped.

No cancellations of order(s) or parts after tracking has been provided. DieselTuff can not turn around or redirect product/package(s) once shipped, even if we wanted to.

DieselTuff reserves the right to change pricing or cancel orders at any time.
We will try to have your purchase(s) processed as fast as reasonably possible but will not be responsible for delays such as : shipping time, back orders, statutory holidays, union strikes, accidents or weather. When the shipping companies tracking shows delivered, your order is deemed delivered & final. DieselTuff can not & will not be responsible for your order/product once tracking shows delivered. So this means your responsible for your package/order after tracking shows delivered. No exceptions. So if a porch pirate or your package mysteriously disappears 1 second after tracking shows delivered, take it up with your local police & your insurance company, as DieselTuff can not & will not be responsible for your loss. By excepting DieselTuff’s terms & conditions, you release Mark Wilson/DieselTuff of any claim of loss. Period.

All returns, cancellations and warranty conditions are at DieselTuff’s discretion. All returns must have a RGA# & be unused and in the original unopened, sealed packaging. No returns or warranty of electrical products, period. No exceptions. Any warranty consideration is at DieselTuffs discretion and “you” the customer must contact DieselTuff by email to discuss any possible warranty consideration and is DieselTuffs sole decision wether to help out in any way. DieselTuff will not reimburse “you” if you decide to have a shop work on or attempt to work on any product purchased through DieselTuff. No exceptions.

If a return is granted, the return(s) will be inspected upon arrival and credit consideration will be at DieselTuff’s and or the original vendors discretion. All returns are subject to a min 20% restocking fee in perfect condition & more if if damaged or missing parts. Special ordered in product or non stocking parts brought in specially for your order, are non-refundable. Shipping cost(s) paid out of pocket by DieselTuff will be deducted from any new returns granted. Again, please don’t buy unless you want the product(s) or service(s) & know what you are buying. All returns, including core returns, must have an RGA # (returned goods authorization number) issued by DieselTuff and the RGA number must be clearly written on the outside of shipping label, not on the product or shipping box itself and returned to the original vender address that it was originally shipped from. Failure to obtain an RGA number prior to returning any goods with result in no credit being given. No exceptions.

All returns, including cores, are the responsibility of the customer and must have freight prepaid by “you” the purchaser, as well as signature and we suggest insurance to cover cost of product(s) being returned. DieselTuff and our supplying vendor, will not be responsible for any duties, brokerage, taxes and/or any other fee(s) associated with any shipping & or return(s). All returns, including core returns must also be received back to the original origin, within 30 days from date of purchase for credit consideration. No exceptions. This means after 30 days your return isn’t received = no refund. DieselTuff is not responsible for core approval on products that we do not manufacture. Core returns must be sent to the vender(s) that sent it to you. DieselTuff’s venders will inspect the cores and process in a timely manner for return consideration but DieselTuff can not be responsible for delays due to statutory holidays or processing. If and when the manufacturer credits DieselTuff, the credit will then be passed to the customer asap. Please do not e-mail for return status until 10 working days has gone by from shipment received by original vendor. This can be verified by your tracking #. This allows the appropriate time for paper work & credit to be processed. Don’t worry, you won’t be forgotten. 

Since DieselTuff sell’s a wide variety of products from a large number of suppliers, warranty consideration and approval for products not manufactured by DieselTuff, is covered by the original manufacture if eligible. This means DieselTuff does not carry/handle other manufacturers warranties. The customer is responsible to fill out and send in warranty cards directly to the manufacture which may hold a warranty of the product if eligible. DieselTuff isn’t responsible if product doesn’t carry a warranty. The consumer must contact the original manufacturer directly to obtain the proper steps for any warranty consideration. Turbo’s & Injection pumps generally carry a 6 month limited warranty only & some of these parts are manufactured in Bosch’s & Holset’s & Cummins off shore factory’s & their North America’s manufactory warranty doesn’t apply. Please be aware of this. DieselTuff or our various suppliers do not cover any shipping, brokerage, labour, or related damage costs for any possible warranty claims.

Warning: Whether buying stock or a performance part(s), we do not warranty any product, nor is DieselTuff responsible for any damage, loss of use and or injury resulting in use of any of the part(s) sold. From but not inclusive to : misuse, abuse, mis-matching, over-revving, poor lubrication quality, contamination, installer error or any other related damage, un-related, personal damage, material damage and or any costs incurred from the failure of any part(s) DieselTuff sold. Performance parts are exempt of ANY warranty period. USE PART(S) AT YOUR OWN RISK.

If you don’t agree with any of DieselTuff’s terms, conditions, warranties and returns, don’t check on agree to the terms & conditions to purchase from DieselTuff/Mark Wilson.

By clicking on agree to DieselTuff’s Terms & Conditions, you are also agreeing to our Return policy if you need to return product for any reason.