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P7100 94-95 Stage 2 – 160-175 hp based to 450cc’s

Stage 2 – 175 hp based to 450cc

$2,050.00 USD


1994-1995 P7100 94-95 Stage 2 – 160/175 hp

160 or 175 hp based pump

3000 or 4000 rpm kit option

maxed and balanced

191 or 035 DV’s

420-450cc max to max 3500 rpm with 4000gsk option


Select Inj pump timing, if you would like your timing to be advanced from stock spec’s. (advantage of higher timing is better fuel mileage and lower egt’s).

**All Farrell Diesel Service pumps are completely rebuilt with new gaskets & seals, inspected, calibrated to customer specs, and come with flow sheet and build sheet**

Acceptable core pump = 160 or 175hp pump…read below

Canadian customers please don’t purchase this service online…….you will have to e-mail us to set up this service. 

***Excempt from free shipping….customers will be responcible for all shipping costs and must be paid before shipping your pump to you***

We need to clarify what constitutes a “complete and usable” core pump. Complete pump means it has all dv holders dv’s, fuel plate, afc and afc foot, throttle lever, shutoff lever. Usable pump means there is no damage to the cam nose or threads, no holes in governor housings, and no rust in the fuel galley. The rule I’ve been using for missing parts are as follows: $50 deduction for missing plate, $50 deduction for missing afc foot, $25 deduction for missing throttle lever, $25 deduction for missing shutoff lever, $100 deduction for damaged cam, $150 deduction for rust in the fuel galley.

All core refunds will be at Dieseltuff’s descreation. No industrial inj pumps will be excepted period. No exceptions.


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