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Cummins 4bt 3k/4k GSK & 8 HD Valve Springs for p7100 engine

4bt 3k/4k gsk & HD valve springs

$179.00 USD


3000/4000 GSK plus 60lb over stock Valve Springs (4bt kit)

High Performance PDR 3000/4000RPM Governor Spring Kit, plus

Genuine Cummins #3916691 60lb over stock Valve Springs

For the  4BT engine with inline injection pump. 4bt kit sold as a set of eight (8) Cummins #3916691 HD valve springs & a PDR 3000/4000gsk.

If you want fueling to 4000rpm, install all GSK springs…if you want fueling to 3000rpm, leave the 2 smallest springs out of injection pump on install.

The seat pressure on these springs is ~150 lbs at the installed height of 1.950 x 1.69 rocker ratio = 253.5 lbs
Cam nose pressure is 210lbs x 1.69 rocker ratio = 359 lbs

If you plan on running a P7100 gov spring kit (GSK) or an exhaust brake, you will need HD valve springs. These heavy duty valve springs are required if you plan on running any application between 3200 -3800 rpm or up to 548psi boost and/or also required for the safety of your engine if you install an exhaust brake kit.

Don’t be fooled by people selling cheap GSK’s and valve springs out there. A broken spring can take out an engine.

  • 3000/4000 rpm rev kit & 60lb Over stock valve springs
  • Comes with springs for intake and exhaust valves
  • For 1994-98 4bt 8v engines with inline inj pump
  • Kit for fueling past stock 2600RPM…will allow fueling to 3000 or 4000rpm
  • PDR Diesel GSK & Dodge Cummins HD Performance Springs

Over 3800rpm we highly suggest stronger valve springs


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