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Performance Fuel Pin for VE Inj Pumps

New VE Fuel Pin

$96.80 USD


New billet fuel pin for VE injection pump.

  • Increases of 30-40 hp and 90-100 ft. lbs. of torque
  • Increases power band by a whopping 30%!
  • Made from high quality chromoly steel
  • Pins heat treated to the 52 Rockwell hardness scale
  • Dual machine process overcomes wear patterns and resulting failure
  • Machined with a profile, so you can drive around normal, with regular power and no smoke until you hammer the peddle down.

Then the added fuel will ramp in much faster, resulting in a much higher fuel flow = more hp/ftlbs of power.

Simply unbolt your diaphram from your old fuel pin and bolt on the new custom pin.

No core needed.