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Performance Fuel Pin & 3200rpm Spring for VE Inj Pumps

New Fuel Pin & 3200 Spring

$122.99 USD


New Fuel Pin & 3200rpm Gov Spring for VE Inj Pumps 

  • Increases of 30-40 hp and 90-100 ft. lbs. of torque
  • Increases power band by upto 30%
  • Made from high quality chromoly steel
  • Pin is heat treated to the 52 Rockwell hardness scale
  • 3200 rpm governor spring extends engine rev range by 700 rpm

Pin is machined with a proper profile, so you can drive around normal, with regular power and no smoke until you hammer the peddle down.

Then the added fuel will ramp in much faster, resulting in a much higher fuel flow = more hp/ftlbs of power.

Simply unbolt your diaphram from your old fuel pin and bolt on the new custom pin.

No core needed.

Dieseltuff recommends customers to install HD Valve Springs if they are going to turn higher than 3000rpm

Note : Make sure you read the instructions found on our site or available on many other sites on how to install the spring properly. Not a hard job to do if you do it right. Make sure you back out the power screw until you see the black o-ring before installing top on pump, or you will bend the fulcrum lever.