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P7100 Industrial Pump – Stock Overhaul

P7100 Industrial Overhaul

$1,000.00 USD


Customers 1994-1998 P7100 Industrial Injection Pump Stock Overhaul.

**All Farrell Diesel Service pumps are completely rebuilt with new gaskets & seals, inspected & calibrated.

Price does not include any parts for rebuild. Gasket kit & also if any broken, worn or damaged parts are extra.

Total cost will be quoted prior to the build and must be paid for in full before pump is shipped back to you**

**We only use genuine Bosch parts**

Canadian customers please don’t purchase this service online…….you will have to e-mail us to set up this service. 

***Excempt from free shipping….customers will be responcible for all shipping costs and must be paid before shipping your pump back to you***Please send in your pump core for this build.


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