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Nozzle Set 8 Hole EDM 1998.5-02 24v

8 Hole EDM Nozzles

$229.00 USD


2nd Gen 24v EDM’d VCO Nozzle Set of Six.
New Cummins performance P820 24v nozzles. Perfect for a low/mid or high hp/ftlb upgrade for your 2nd gen Cummins.
Faster fuel flow and more power. The process used to create these injector nozzles intricately machines 8 orifices into the tips. Compared to the stock 7-orifice injectors, this means better atomization, faster fuel flow and an enhanced spray angle. Also, the increased number of orifices enables the injectors to deliver more fuel while still maintaining proper fuel pressure. The result is more power. The EDM machining process also matches flow rate to within about 1% among injectors, further enhancing engine performance – the stock injectors can vary as much as 11% per set. Incredible value since the trucks existing injector bodies can be easily retrofitted with these nozzles.