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Manton HD 24v Push Rod Set 1998.5 to current

HD 24v Push Rod Set

$267.24 USD


Manton HD 24v Push Rod Set of Twelve (12)

A must for engines running higher RPM or higher boost levels than stock, as there is an extreme amount of load on the pushrods. Putting an aftermarket cam in with higher lift and heavy duty springs with higher spring pressures, the stock pushrods are simply not sufficient. Install our pushrods that are designed to increase valve train stability. Tips replicate stock ball and cup sockets arc radius. Our high strength pushrods will reduce deflection and better control the valve train for more valve lift, equating to more power. These are sold in sets of 12 for a complete engine.

Works on all year 24 valve cummins engines.

Many options, such as :

Series 3 or stronger series 5

Pushrod size of 3/8″ or 7/16″

Std 5/16″ ball end or 10mm ball size for running 24v tappets.

Hard drawn 4130/4135 seamless chromoly tubing which is the highest quality available from mills and originally formulated for aerospace/aircraft use. Series 3 provides approximately 170,000 p.s.i. tensile strength. Suggested power range is from 400-750 hp, and is used for multiple applications such as light towing, OEM replacement, sportsman diesel and factory performance engines.

Series 5 is the strongest most durable chromoly pushrod ever produced. This pushrod has been engineered to maximize valvetrain stability for more overall power, torque and efficiency in all hi-performance diesel engines. Whether it is sled pulling, drag racing, dyno competitions or heavy towing, this series of pushrod will extend valvetrain service life and maximize potential performance of all your other engine components you have invested in. By utilizing 4130/4135 chromoly tubing and proprietary heat treating techniques, we are able to achieve a 275,000 p.s.i. tensile strength from the tubing without causing it to become brittle.

All pushrods come standard length, with no oil-hole, like the factory ones, as oil hole is not needed in a Cummins

Please allow up to 1 week to ship.