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Genuine Cummins stock transfer-lift pump for 1994-98 Dodge

Genuine Cummins 4988747 lift/transfer pump


$189.99 USD


Genuine Cummins fuel lift/transfer pump

For P7100 injection pumps

New Genuine Cummins ABFJV mechanical transfer / supply / lift pump for 1994-98 12v Dodge / Cummins diesel w/p7100

Better throttle response & performance than the old style lift pumps.

If you are looking at other lift/transfer pumps and they don’t have Cummins ABFJV cast into them, then they are not OEM and are just a cheap knock off.

This pump is an genuine Cummins part, will flow more volume and is an upgrade for replacing part #’s – FP916, 3936322, 3415661, 3930134, 3932224, 3933252, 3936316 and 4944710 OEM lift-pumps.

This provides more fuel volume, supporting larger injectors and inj pump mods, while better maintaining feed pressure to your injection pump, thus keeping the static timing of inj pump within proper spec’s.

Free ground shipping.

Contents contain : one (1) – genuine cummins 4988747 lift pump for p7100

Note : A new lift pump will not fix either an air in fuel or drain back problem or a weak or faulty overflow valve.

Please don’t waste my time if you refuse to fix an existing problem or one the is caused by disturbing old fuel system.

Common problem on customers end is : faulty pressure gauge & system, old or improper fuel lines, cracked tank pu, air leaking into hoses or fittings, or fuel heater. Also sludge/debris in fuel system are just a few of the reasons your having problems with fuel pressure/flow.