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High Volume, High Pressure Lift Pump for Cummins w/P7100

High Volume High Pressure Lift Pump for Cummins w/P7100


$259.99 USD


DieselTuff/Cummins HVHP Lift Pump for P7100

Works on 4bt or 6bt with P7100

Piston pumps for the 4bt or 6bt are meant to have a spacer between the pump & engine block or damage will occur !! Whether you use the factory fuel strainer/heater base or a spacer block & two gaskets.

DieselTuff/Cummins HVHP modified 4988747 lift/transfer pump for performance P7100 Injection Pumps

If you are looking at other lift/transfer pumps & they don’t have “Cummins ABFJV – Made in China” cast into them, then they are not Genuine Cummins & are just one of many cheap knock off out there. Yes, Cummins has been making their lift/transfer pumps in their 50% owned China plant for years now.

With this upgraded pump, you will get better throttle response & better performance, whether you are running a slightly modified engine or up to 750hp

The std stock # 393916/ OEM lift-pump, on any moderately fueled engine, psi generally drops down below 15psi. (Lines, banjo’s, inj’s, inj pump mods etc come into play, so your numbers may vary slightly)

– Our modified Genuine Cummins ABFJV lift pump has higher flow & higher pressure.

Our pump provides more fuel volume, which will support larger injectors and inj pump mods.

By maintaining better feed pressure to your P7100 injection pump, your static injection timing won’t fall off from fuel retarding, caused by low fuel pressure/flow.

  • Flows 1.6gpm at 2000rpm all the way up to 100gph at 4000rpm max (depends on fuel feed system to pump)
  • not designed to be turned past 4000rpm
  • 43psi max running pressure ( depends on condition & type of overflow valve used )

Contents contain : 1 – moded genuine cummins 4988747 lift pump & 2 gaskets

Make sure you use a steel spacer block or factory heater/strainer housing between gaskets or damage will occur !

Benefits :

Less smoke

Less egt’s


Higher timing

Better throttle responce

Better mileage under heavy throttle

Protects your inj pump & Inj’s from fuel starvation

Note : Install factory bolts evenly when tightening up to block. DieselTuff will not be responsible for you damaging plunger assembly due to improper install.

A new lift pump will not fix either an air in fuel or drain back problem or a weak or faulty overflow valve.

Please don’t waste my time if you refuse to fix an existing problem or one the is caused by disturbing old fuel system.

Common problem on customers end is : faulty pressure gauge & system, old or improper fuel lines, cracked tank pu, air leaking into hoses or fittings, or fuel heater. Also sludge/debris in fuel system are just a few of the reasons your having problems with fuel pressure/flow.