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Pacbrake C44060 4″ Inline Exhaust Brake 1994 -98 5.9L 12 Valve std trans

Pacbrake C44060


$1,419.88 USD


Pacbrake C44060 1994 – 1998 5.9L 12 Valve std trans                                           

4″ Inline PRXB Exhaust Brake Kit
(Air Actuated) Comes with Air Tank/Hose and Accessory Kit & Heavy Duty Exhaust Valve Springs

Ideal for those customers that have a larger than stock turbo or twin turbo’s and need to have an exhaust brake. Customer will need to buy a C11400 mounting group and matching shifter switch (sold separately).

Pacbrake kit C44060 is a High Performance PRXB Exhaust Brake designed to provide maximum retarding throughout the RPM range of your 1994-1998 Dodge 12 valve Cummins with a manual shift transmission.

Application Notes: 

Heavy-duty exhaust valve springs are REQUIRED (included with kit)

Additional Mounting Hardware Required to install directly into a exhaust piping (sold separately)
For a 3″ exhaust, use part #C11440
For a 3.5″ exhaust, use part #C11420
For a 4″ exhaust, use part#C11400

Optional Accessories sold separately are:

Shifter Switches for Manual Transmissions

Use C18041 lighted switch for M/Y 1999-2002 and 1988-1993 with 5/8 OD shift lever diameter

Use C18040 lighted switch for M/Y 1994-1998 with 3/4 OD shift lever diameter

ECM Bypass Kit for 1999-2002 vehicles, C12015 

ADDITIONAL MOUNTING GROUP REQUIRED if wanting to install on turbo:

 Vehicles with aftermarket exhaust systems require a different mounting group Vehicles with 3″ factory downpipe and HX 35 turbo, use Pacbrake Part #C11430

Vehicles with 4″ aftermarket exhaust and 5 bolt HX 35 turbo outlet, use Pacbrake Part #C11431

Vehicles with 4″ aftermarket exhaust and HX 40 or equivalent turbo with half marmon flange, use Pacbrake Part #C11432
Pacbrake’s flagship product, the PRXB (pressure regulated exhaust brake), is the unquestioned leader in the supplemental brake industry. The patented PRXB design delivers the strongest braking horsepower, greatest speed reductions and shortest stopping distances possible without the use of service brakes. It maintains optimum retarding performance by maximizing the exhaust backpressure throughout the entire RPM range. Unlike a typical exhaust brake, which requires high RPMs to work properly, the PRXB delivers constant exhaust pressure (braking) as early as 1200 RPM through to the maximum allowable RPM.