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6bt Hot Rod VE Injection Pump Build

6bt Hot Rod VE Pump Build

$999.99 USD


1989-1993 VE Hot Rod Inj Pump Build.

1989-1993 VE Hot Rod build is capable of making 450+hp with other supporting parts & mods.

12mm spec’s with modified fuel pin, gov spring of choice but no 4200 spring ( too finicky and useless in a VE pump ), timing mods and maxed out for fuel.

Average 240-260cc at 1000rpm tapering off to about 220cc at 3500rpm

Base price is based on using your good used head/rotor/camplate/rollers etc that is within Bosch spec’s & no broken parts. We do not have a crystal ball, so until your pump is torn down, we do not know total cost of build.

You will be required to send in your core pump for build, once your pump is torn down and evaluated, we will let you know if it is within Bosch’s spec’s for a rebuild.

If your distributor head is worn out beyond Robert Bosch rebuild spec’s and is in need of replacing, along with and/or camplate/rollers worn out and/or worn out advance piston bore housing (which means pump is not rebuildable without a new parts purchase) and/or (any broken or modified parts needing replacing) extra costs will be added on to base price.

DieselTuff will email you an RGA # & supply an address to ship their pump to. Any extra parts cost & shipping costs is the responcibility of the customer and must be paid for in full before customers pump is shipped back to them.

DieselTuff will email customer for approval, if any big dollar part is needed to complete rebuild.

Sorry, we don’t do any phone business.


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