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SKU: 4bt Stock VE Inj pump rebuild ,

4bt Stock VE Injection Pump Rebuild Labour

Stock 4bt VE Pump Rebuild Labour

$550.00 USD


Stock  VE Rotory Inj Pump 4bt Build Labour

Price is for rebuild labour & calibration on test stand only, rebuilding your pump

Total price is unknown until we have your inj pump in hand & torn down to determine all parts needed for rebuild, plus return shipping is extra.

Parts & return shipping will need to be paid before pump is shipped back to customer.

Stock rebuild will be rebuilt to Robert Bosch Spec’s with latest and greatest Bosch Parts and fuel set to stock level.

Rebuild parts price will be determined once your pump is torn down and evaluated, as we don’t have a crystal ball.

Extra cost will be for gaskets and sealing parts and whether or not your distributor head is worn out and is needing replacing along with and/or camplate/rollers worn out and/or worn out advance piston bore housing (which means pump is not rebuildable without a new pump housing purchase) and/or (any broken or modified parts needing replacing).

DieselTuff will email customer for approval, if any big dollar part is needed to complete rebuild. 

Customer will have to e-mail DieselTuff to abtain an RGA # before shipping their pump. All parts & shipping costs is the responcibility of the customer and must be paid for in full before customers pump will be returned.


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