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If you need expedited shipping, please contact DieselTuff for a quote before placing any order, as DieselTuff can not change, adjust or add onto your order, once your order is placed. Once DieselTuff gets back to you with the possibility for faster than ground shipping & gives you your quote, please make sure you add the correct amount or combination of $ amounts to match your freight quote. DieselTuff will not guarantee or be responsible for the speed of any shipment(s), for any reason !

If you purchased injection pump rebuild service etc, DieselTuff will quote you your cost for shipping back to you & you will need to pay for the parts for your build. Please add the amount of “Extra” that you were quoted. DieselTuff will not ship your pump back until shipping & build parts are paid in full. Please don’t ask to ship anywhere else but your billing address, as we only ship to billing addresses. No exceptions.