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#10 Style Fuel Plate for P7100 inj pumps

#10 Style Fuel Plate

$120.00 USD


#10 Style Fuel Plate
DieselTuff’s fuel plates add more fuel for the P7100 injection pumps. This fuel plate has the best all around fuel profile &
can be used on any Cummins 4bt 3.9, 6BT 5.9 or 6CT 8.3 series engine equipped with the Bosch P7100 style fuel pump.
DieselTuff recommends the #10 plate for most applications, due to the adjustability it offers for different power ratings. The #10 plate will allow your engine to dyno out at a bare min of 200hp at the rear wheels, even with the 160hp P7100 injection pump and I have made 700hp with a built P7100, #10 fuel plate and other supporting mods.
Comes with boost orfice and hardware for install.