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Pacbrake P55003 P-67 LoadLeash Engine Brake Kit 07.5-13 Dodge


$1,649.00 USD


 Pacbrake P55003 P-67 LoadLeash Engine Brake Kit

 2007½-2013 RAM Pick-Up / Chassis Cab & Sterling Chassis Cab 2500 / 3500 / 4500 / 5500 Trucks

Quick & Controlled Braking For Heavy Duty Trucks Just Got Easier!  As the only true engine brake available for the class 3-5 truck market, Pacbrake’s LoadLeash provides big-rig engine braking performance.  In addition to enhanced vehicle control & reduced brake fade, Pacbrake’s LoadLeash can extend service brake life by up to 500%.

Notes: The vehicle must have a VGT controlled by ECU. The Loadleash may be installed with ARP2000 studs (Part # 247-4202). It is not to be installed with ARP Custom 625 studs (Part # 247-4204).

Product Specifications

Product Features

  • Upto 300 RHP (Retarting Hourse Power)
  • Doubles Life of Service Brakes
  • Tire Wear Reduced w/ Prevention of Tire Hops
  • Contains 3 Levels of Retarding Power
  • Better Control of Vehicle over Elevated Roads
  • Works as a Supplement of the Service Brakes
  • Only One Housing for Ease of Use and Installation

Product Notes

  • Vehicle Requires a VGT Turbo, Controlled by the ECU
  • Will Work w/ Aftermarket ARP Std Head Studs, not the Custom Age 625’s
  • Will Not Work w/ Aftermarket Turbos
  • Will work with H&S Mini Max, Edge CTS or DPF or EGR Deletes
  • To Find Build Code Look Either in Glovebox or Data Plate
  • Kit Includes
    • (1) Engine Brake Kit

Vehicle Application



Pacbrake P55003 P-67 LoadLeash Engine Brake Kit


The Pacbrake P55003 P-67 LoadLeash Engine Brake Kit changes the diesel engine to be more like an air compressor. This supplemental brake turns the diesel engine into an air compressor, allowing it to absord more of the braking power needed for heavy-duty vehicle. Tire wear is lower since it prevents tire hop and lockup. It gives the driver better control of the vehicle when driving on elevated roads, and uses less power when descending. The engine brake has three levels of retarding power, and the whole thing uses just a single housing to make installing it easier.