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New 4bta VE Injection Pump – Stg 2

New Bosch 4bta VE Injection Pump – Stg 2

$1,699.99 USD


New Bosch 4bta VE Rotory Inj Pump – Stg 2

Brand New Bosch VE pump modified to Stg 2 by DieselTuff

Parts installed on new pump :

  • 3200 gov spring
  • Custom cut performance fuel pin
  • Dynamic timing spacer ( adds progressively more timing than stock as rpm increases…not advised for heavy vehicles or for towing applications )

Ideal for the guy that has a Cummins 4BT engine & the VE pump that is worn out or converting from a Lucas Cav injection pump,

which is useless to add power to or you just don’t have a good core pump to rebuild.

You can simply install a 4bt VE inj pump and tweak the Lucas Cav injection lines slightly,

as the Lucas pump body is a bit longer than a Bosch VE, so you will have to stretch your inj lines forward approx 1.25″

or DieselTuff has in stock the proper VE rotory inj lines.

*** This pump requires the pump gear to line up to the letter “F” at engine TDC for the correct VE timing

*** Set the power screw & idle screw to your liking.

*** Do not advance the static timing like a regular pump due to the timing spacer that is installed !!

No core needed back

Please note, pump is set to 170hp settings & if buyer wants more power out of pump, it’s their responsibility to turn pump up higher at their own risk. Also partial part of the part # of pump will be scratched off. Serial # etc will remain.


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