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New 4bta VE Injection Pump – Stg 2

New Bosch 4bta VE Injection Pump – Stg 2

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New Bosch 4bta VE Rotory Inj Pump – Stg 2

Brand New Bosch VE pump modified to Stg 2 by DieselTuff

Parts installed on new pump :

  • 3200 gov spring
  • Custom cut performance fuel pin
  • Dynamic timing spacer ( adds progressively more timing than stock as rpm increases…not advised for heavy vehicles or for towing applications )
  • Capable of up to 270cc’s of fuel when maxed out

Ideal for the guy that has a Cummins 4BT engine & the VE pump that is worn out or converting from a Lucas Cav injection pump,

which is useless to add power to or you just don’t have a good core pump to rebuild.

You can simply install a 4bt VE inj pump and tweak the Lucas Cav injection lines slightly,

as the Lucas pump body is a bit longer than a Bosch VE, so you will have to stretch your inj lines forward approx 1.25″

or DieselTuff has in stock the proper VE rotory inj lines.

*** This pump requires the pump gear to line up to the letter “F” at engine TDC for the correct VE timing

*** Set the power screw & idle screw to your liking at your own risk.

*** Do not advance the static timing like a regular pump due to the timing spacer that is installed !!

Start stop solenoid is 24v….works perfectly fine with a good 12v source and will live longer than a 12v one !

No core needed back

Please note, if buyer wants more power out of pump, it’s their responsibility to turn pump up higher at their own risk. Also partial part of the part # of pump will be scratched off. Serial # etc will remain.


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