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Genuine Holset HX35W & 12cm w/g exh housing

 New HX35W/12

$958.26 USD


New Genuine Holset HX35W & 12cm waste gated exhaust housing

For a performance turbo, consider the HE351W or hybrid hx35 or K27 etc not a stock hx35w turbo.

Change out your old worn out or tired H1C or Hx35 for brand new stock HX35W.

Simply unbolt your stock hc1 or hx35 from turbine housing and bolt this new turbo up.

  • 54mm comp wheel with 4″ compressor inlet and std v-band compressor outlet

Comes exactly as the pictures show

Comes with what you see – turbo & exhaust housing & actuator

Has Holset tag but some #’s will be partially ground off to protect my source !

Ser# will remain for warranty purpose.

Built by Holset

6 month, limited warranty by Holset. Any warranty issues are the customers responsibility to deal with ( shipping etc ).