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Downpipe -1st Gen H1C/HX35 4″ Turbo Downpipe

H1C/HX35 4″ Turbo Downpipe

$212.99 USD


1989-93 Dodge Cummins 4″ Turbo Downpipe, with 3″ v-band for early hx35 or H1C turbo’s

If you are running a waste gated housing, which pushes everything back 1.25″ you will need to tweak pipe.

Stuffing a 4″ downpipe between the fire wall, rear engine adapter and frame is tight but doable.

Depending on the placement of the truck cab verses the chasie, the downpipe my need some slight massaging for clearance.

  • Contains one ( 1 ) down pipe only
  • No returns or refunds on downpipes


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