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Cummins HD 24v Valve Spring Kit

24v HD spring kit of 24 springs


$299.00 USD


Cummins HD Valve Spring set of 24 
for the 1998.5-current  24v 5.9L & 6.7L engines. 
Sold as a set of twenty four (24) springs only.
Upgrade your old tired springs by installing this set of new HD Cummins springs onto your intake & exhaust springs.
These are the silver stripe HD Cummins valve springs that are heavier than stock 24v springs but safe for your camshaft.
1.87” free length x 1.085″OD x .74″ID
Seat = 83lbs for these springs….stock spring =74
Nose pressure = 157lbs for these springs….stock = 149lbs
These springs are good for 4000rpm with stock retainers and seats !
Don’t be fooled by people selling heavier springs out there, as too much pressure will wear your cam prematurely.
Buy buying these springs, “you” are your own warranty carrier. DieselTuff does not carry any warranty on valve spring components.
Shipping is free to Canada & the lower 48 states, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and all other U.S. territories.