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DieselTuff 6bt New 4 Hole SAC 155* Inj Set

DieselTuff 6bt 4 Hole 155* SAC Inj Set

$499.00 USD


New 6bt DieselTuff 155 deg SAC Inj’s for VE Inj pump engines.
Your choice of :
4 hole nozzle size
These are the newer 7mm nozzle inj’s.
Good choice for someone with non IC engine needing to replace their inj’s & looking for stock to slight upgrade in power and torque.
Advance your inj pump timing slightly to accommodate the extra fuel is recommended.
1989-1991 non IC engines with 9mm cyl head will need 9mm nozzle adapters, sold seprately.
Optional .010″ pintle lift for more fuel output at med to high rpm level.
No core charge needed.