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BorgWarner SXE257 57/61/.82 for Cummins

BorgWarner SXE257 57/61/.82

$795.00 USD


BorgWarner SXE257 57/61/.82 for Cummins

Designed as a performance replacement turbocharger, the BorgWarner AirWerks SXE257 is rated upto 450HP.


Great upgrade turbo for your Cummins.

A rugged thrust bearing system and large shaft helps ensure the durability of your SXE turbo even under extreme load conditions.

Spool-up is same as a stock hx35/12 with as much flow as a Super HX40 to support more fuel, while keeping egt’s lower. 


  • 57.15mm/76mm Forge Milled Billet Inducer Wheel (intake)
  • 61.43mm/70mm Exducer Wheel (exhaust)
  • 360 deg thrust bearing
  • Flows 65lbs/minute
  • Supports Up To 450 HP on diesel
  • .82 a/r = approx just under a 14cm exhaust housing
  • T4 flange but with T3 ports for faster spool up
  • Dual volute
  • Requires a 4.21″ v-band for turbine outlet ( downpipe )
  • Stock oil return drain will require a small bend for clearance. Very easy to do.
  • Can also be installed on the 1st Gen 91.5 -93 Dodge Cummins

Comes as shown in pic’s….super core & exhaust housing

All Canadian Orders need to add the aditional $50.00 that must be paid for during ordering. Additional 1-1.5 weeks. No duty or additional charges needed.



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