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BorgWarner S300SXE turbo’s for 91.5-02 Cummins

BorgWarner S300SXE Turbo’s

$1,149.00 USD


BorgWarner SXE Turbochargers

The largest BorgWarner S300SXE turbo is capable of supporting over 900 horsepower.

They offer super-quick response and the durability associated with the BorgWarner name.

300SXE Turbos:

  • T3 flange
  • Integrated speed sensor port
  • Forged milled compressor wheel
  • Pre-machined boost port
  • Optimized compressor cover aerodynamics
  • Equipped with a 360 Degree Thrust Bearings
    • S361 SXE flows approx 73 lbs per min.
    • S362 SXE flows 77.5 lbs per min.
    • S363 SXE flows 78.5 lbs per min
    • S364.5 SXE flows 82.5 lbs per min.
    • S366 SXE flows 87.5 lbs per min.
    • S369 SXE flows 99 lbs per min.
  • We offer both a 12cm (.70 A/R) and a 14cm (.80 A/R)
  • The outlet of the compressor cover is machined to mate up with your factory boost elbow, and the turbine outlet flange is the standard HX40 4″ outlet.
  • Pick & choose your options. 
  • Approx 2-3 weeks once ordered

All Canadian Orders need to add the aditional $50.00 that must be paid for during ordering. Additional 1-1.5 weeks. No duty or additional charges needed. 


Borg Warner