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4bta P7100 Injection Pump – Stg 2

Stg 2  4bta P7100

$1,949.99 USD


4bta P7100 Injection Pump – Stg 2

Brand new 4bta P7100 injection pump Stg 2 (not a rebuilt)

Not an A pump or P3000 but a true P7100 with a RQV govenor for street use

Comes with :

4bta P7100 Inj Pump Stg 2 with below installed :

4000 GSK

Custom #0 camplate

Set of 035 DV’s installed

New pump so no core needed

Don’t forget to un-pin the pump before tightening up your pump gear, as pump is locked at 12 degs.

This company sells a throttle bracket…I have no affiliation with them

Pic of pump installed on a engine here

Tuning instruction help here